Troubleshooting Your OontZ Angle 3

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OontZ Angle 3 will not turn on

  1. Remove the Micro USB charging cable and 3.5mm Audio Cable, if connected.
  2. Press and hold down the Power Button and the + (Volume Up Button) together for 1 second, then release.
  3. The speaker has now been reset and you can turn it on.


Cannot Pair or connect your OontZ Angle 3

-- For iPhone, iPad, iPod

-- For Smartphones and Tablets

-- For Apple Mac

-- For Windows systems

Connecting to a Windows system

Other troubleshooting


No audio playing from the OontZ Angle 3 when connected over Bluetooth


Poor sound quality when connected over Bluetooth 

No audio playing from the OontZ Angle 3 when connected with a 3.5mm audio cable

The volume is low or has no sound.

Poor sound quality or buzzing sound when connected with a 3.5mm audio cable 

No response when pressing any button on speaker will not turn off


If you're having trouble trying to connect your Amazon Echo Dot to your OontZ Angle 3

Poor quality or skipping audio when connected to Amazon Echo Dot

Your OontZ Angle 3's battery charge becomes drained when connected to Amazon Echo Dot despite not playing audio

I have lip sync issues between the audio and video when connecting the OontZ Angle 3 to my TV.

My TV or Bluetooth Transmitter will not pair with my OontZ Angle 3.

Can I connect two OontZ Angle 3 speakers together to play in Dual Stereo

Is there replaceable batteries for my OontZ Angle 3