Troubleshooting Your OontZ Angle solo

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OontZ Angle solo will not turn on

  1. Remove the Micro USB charging cable and 3.5mm Audio Cable, if connected.
  2. Press and hold down the Power Button and the + (Volume Up Button) together for 1 second, then release.
  3. The speaker has now been reset and you can turn it on.


Cannot Pair or connect your OontZ Angle solo

-- For iPhone, iPad, iPod

-- For Smartphones and Tablets

-- For Apple Mac

-- For Windows systems

Connecting to a Windows system

Other troubleshooting


No audio playing from the OontZ Angle solo when connected over Bluetooth


Poor sound quality when connected over Bluetooth 

No audio playing from the OontZ Angle solo when connected with a 3.5mm audio cable

The volume is low or has no sound.

Poor sound quality or buzzing sound when connected with a 3.5mm audio cable 

No response when pressing any button on speaker will not turn off


If you're having trouble trying to connect your Amazon Echo Dot to your OontZ Angle solo

Poor quality or skipping audio when connected to Amazon Echo Dot

Your OontZ Angle solo's battery charge becomes drained when connected to Amazon Echo Dot despite not playing audio

I have lip sync issues between the audio and video when connecting the OontZ Angle solo to my TV.

My TV or Bluetooth Transmitter will not pair with my OontZ Angle solo.

Can I connect two OontZ Angle solo speakers together to play in Dual Stereo

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